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Launching and scaling a startup is challenging. Even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, the statistics are unsettling. Investopedia reports that 90 percent of new businesses fail within the first three years. And Startup Genome cautions that four out of every ten startups today are in the “red zone”—meaning that they had three months or fewer of capital runway.

As a startup scales, it becomes more difficult for the CEO to always know what to do. And making the wrong decision can be devastating for a young business. An experienced Advisor can be your “swim buddy” when you find yourself in the deep end of the pool. If you engage one, make certain that he or she:

  • ‘gets’ what you do and buys into your long-term direction;
  • has the skill sets, credentials and experience that will help you the most,
  • brings a chemistry that promotes working together; and
  • is committed to your success.

I have worked with more than 60 startups to:

Help them launch and scale their business by focusing the business plan, fund raising, establishing their initial distribution channel, and playing an active board role;


Identify and overcome obstacles to their rapid growth and ensure that their strategy, customer value proposition, go-to-market model and capitalization are aligned to achieve their growth goals;


Leverage his extensive network to generate new prospects, identify strategic partners, hire key team members, and recruit an advisory board; and


Mentor and advise the CEO and leadership team.

My engagements include:

Building and Leading Boards and Advisory Boards  


Hyper-Growth Consulting Services


Mentoring / Advising Startups 


M&A and Due Diligence Consulting Services 


Speaking Engagements 


“I am a futurist and an anthropologist. I have been designing and delivering conferences and events on five continents for thirty-plus years. In all that time, Bill Seibel has stood out as one of the most compelling on-stage presences I have ever had the privilege to work with.
Bill has been at ground zero of the major changes in society, technology and the economy. His entrepreneurial exploits have placed him in some of the most interesting/lesson rich situations on the planet. Bill has a great story to tell and he tells it with humor, insight and authenticity. An hour with Bill is equivalent to two years in the best university classrooms in the world. Listen, learn & enjoy.”

Thornton May Founder Digital Value Institute; Futurist

“Bill is quick to understand and assess new business opportunities–even the most complex– and identify the challenges that would need to be overcome to achieve them. In a very short time, I’ve seen him realign the focus of a startup’s products and services, significantly improve its customer value proposition and go-to-market model, and develop a roadmap for rapidly scaling it. Bill’s experience and insights have had a huge impact on the success of many new businesses.”

Sam Kogan Founder/CEO GEN5 Group

“Since our first meeting, Bill has provided sage advice and tactical guidance about how to build our business. His lessons are punctuated by relevant anecdotes that apply in every business scenario and I constantly refer back to these stories when I find myself looking for answers about how to solve complex business problems. Bill was quick to understand our acute challenges and ran a two-day workshop that allowed us to focus our business, prioritize our goals, and execute a thoughtful go-to-market strategy. His experience and guidance have left a tangible and positive impact on our business.”

Philip Wess Founder/CEO Treehouse Technology Group

“As Executive Chairperson, Bill built a world-class advisory board of industry leaders that were dedicated to our success. He has a unique way of attracting board members and engaging them in lively advisory meetings that deliver impactful insights into strategy and operations–but also raise the caliber of each member of the leadership team. Bill was always available at a moment's notice as a mentor to provide invaluable help navigating critical challenges. The advisory board that Bill constructed and led was key to our success–and made our journey a lot more fun!”

Phil Perkins Founder/CEO Rocket Wagon

"Bill has the valuable experience and mentoring skills any CEO would want to access. Running a company can feel isolating. Having an experienced ally with a myriad of experience and the ability to bring a straight-forward and unbiased counsel is hugely valuable. Bill Seibel is that guy."

Peter Prodromou CEO Boston Digital; Racepoint Global

“Bill was an excellent addition to the DICOM Grid Board of Directors. His experience as a high-tech executive and with early-stage companies helped us to develop company strategy and, especially, navigate through multiple venture capital engagements. Bill was the guy that I called outside of the board room to discuss issues, ideas and opportunities. He will be an asset to any executive management team.”

Mike Wall Founder/CEO DICOM Grid

“Bill’s operational savvy, strategic thinking and creativity enable him to uncover impactful insights that others just don’t see.”

Mike Pehl Partner Guidepost Growth Equity; Advent International

“Bill’s advice and guidance dramatically accelerated CAC’s growth and positioned the company for a very successful exit.”

Jerry Shafran Founder/CEO Compliance Assurance Corporation

“Bill was a key contributor to Profitect’s board of advisors. His experience, insights and commitment enabled us to successfully address the challenges we faced, and helped us anticipate and avoid many pitfalls. I attribute much of my business education to working with him.”

Guy Yehiav Founder/CEO Profitect

“I’ve had the pleasure of introducing Bill to entrepreneurs, each planning to conquer some emerging market. As a VC for fifteen-years, I understand and admire how founders can be persistent, enthusiastic and sometimes rigidly set in their ways. Bill has the breadth and depth of experience, plus a humorous conversational approach, that helps entrepreneurs see opportunities through a different lens, and uncover possible new strategies to win. A master storyteller, his approach seldom fails to hit the mark–and set the entrepreneur on a more successful trajectory.”

Glenn Egan Vice-president Venture Capital, BDC

“Bill has always had an uncanny ability to dig deep into the details and also step back and see the big picture. This combination makes Bill one of the most effective business leaders I’ve ever worked with. When CEOs follow his advice – things work.”

Chuck Goldman Founder Apperian

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