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Building and Leading Fiduciary and Advisory Boards

Building an Advisory Board of business executives, thought leaders, industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, strategists and marketing gurus that are committed to your success.


Serving as an independent board member.


“Bill was an excellent addition to the DICOM Grid Board of Directors. His experience as a high-tech executive and with early-stage companies helped us to develop company strategy and, especially, navigate through multiple venture capital engagements. Bill was the guy that I called outside of the board room to discuss issues, ideas and opportunities. He will be an asset to any executive management team.”

Mike Wall Founder/CEO DICOM Grid

“Bill was a key contributor to Profitect’s board of advisors. His experience, insights and commitment enabled us to successfully address the challenges we faced, and helped us anticipate and avoid many pitfalls. I attribute much of my business education to working with him.”

Guy Yehiav Founder/CEO Profitect

“As Executive Chairperson, Bill built a world-class advisory board of industry leaders that were dedicated to our success. He has a unique way of attracting board members and engaging them in lively advisory meetings that deliver impactful insights into strategy and operations–but also raise the caliber of each member of the leadership team. Bill was always available at a moment's notice as a mentor to provide invaluable help navigating critical challenges. The advisory board that Bill constructed and led was key to our success–and made our journey a lot more fun!”

Phil Perkins Founder/CEO Rocket Wagon

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