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Hyper-Growth Consulting Services

Working with executive teams to anticipate and eliminate obstacles to growth.


Go-to-Market сonsulting services.


Finding and recruiting key hires.


“I’ve had the pleasure of introducing Bill to entrepreneurs, each planning to conquer some emerging market. As a VC for fifteen-years, I understand and admire how founders can be persistent, enthusiastic and sometimes rigidly set in their ways. Bill has the breadth and depth of experience, plus a humorous conversational approach, that helps entrepreneurs see opportunities through a different lens, and uncover possible new strategies to win. A master storyteller, his approach seldom fails to hit the mark–and set the entrepreneur on a more successful trajectory.”

Glenn Egan Vice-president Venture Capital, BDC

“Since our first meeting, Bill has provided sage advice and tactical guidance about how to build our business. His lessons are punctuated by relevant anecdotes that apply in every business scenario and I constantly refer back to these stories when I find myself looking for answers about how to solve complex business problems. Bill was quick to understand our acute challenges and ran a two-day workshop that allowed us to focus our business, prioritize our goals, and execute a thoughtful go-to-market strategy. His experience and guidance have left a tangible and positive impact on our business.”

Philip Wess Founder/CEO Treehouse Technology Group

"Bill has the valuable experience and mentoring skills any CEO would want to access. Running a company can feel isolating. Having an experienced ally with a myriad of experience and the ability to bring a straight-forward and unbiased counsel is hugely valuable. Bill Seibel is that guy."

Peter Prodromou CEO Boston Digital; Racepoint Global

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