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Mergers & Acquisition and Due Diligence Consulting Services

Working with VC’s and PE firms to assess new opportunities to help inform their investment decisions.



Working with CEOs to improve their odds of success by developing an acquisition plan, identifying and assessing opportunities, structuring the deal and defining the integration plan.


“Bill is quick to understand and assess new business opportunities–even the most complex– and identify the challenges that would need to be overcome to achieve them. In a very short time, I’ve seen him realign the focus of a startup’s products and services, significantly improve its customer value proposition and go-to-market model, and develop a roadmap for rapidly scaling it. Bill’s experience and insights have had a huge impact on the success of many new businesses.”

Sam Kogan Founder/CEO GEN5 Group

“Bill’s operational savvy, strategic thinking and creativity enable him to uncover impactful insights that others just don’t see.”

Mike Pehl Partner Guidepost Growth Equity; Advent International

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